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Shared August 7, 2016

The idea of a fixed mindset, in which people are smart or not smart, stands in contrast to a growth mindset, in which people become intelligent and knowledgeable through practice.

Spencer J Smith

Shared May 18, 2017

Growth mindsets over fixed mindsets

Amirreza H.A.

Shared December 5, 2018

People are born with some innate cognitive differences, but those differences are eclipsed by early achievement, Boaler argues. When people perform well (academically or otherwise) at early ages and are labeled smart or gifted, they become less likely to challenge themselves. They become less likely to make mistakes, because they stay in their comfortable comfort zone and stop growing. And their fixed mindset persists through adulthood. The simple and innocent praising of a smart kid feeds an insidious problem that some researchers track all the way up to gender inequality in STEM careers.

Arshad Pooloo

Shared November 4, 2017

“It's imperative that we don’t praise kids by telling them they’re smart” #fb

Debbie Oyebade

Shared December 28, 2015

inherit a growth mindset