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How to overcome FOMO

NPR · 4 min

The fear of missing out isn't confined to our social lives; worrying about whether we're missing out on new experiences, content, trends and even investments can create an existential crisis. Psychologist Aarti Gupta explains how FOMO shows up in our lives and how to battle it.

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Exposure and need: how this duo can help you study smarter · 4 min

It’s no secret that learning another language takes commitment, but what exactly drives that dedication? Is it how badly you want to learn the language? Is it about how attached you are to your Duolingo streak? Is it about a pressing need to communicate with a coworker or pen pal? Trick question,

Improving Your Ability to Learn Means Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Entrepreneur · 5 min

In grade school, I was taught that learning came from studious labor, the discipline of memorization and retention of facts. It wasn’t until years later when I became an entrepreneur that I came across a quote by author Josh Waitzkin that completely changed my perspective.

Critical Thinking Is About Asking Better Questions

Harvard Business Review · 6 min

Are you tackling a new and difficult problem at work? Recently promoted and trying to both understand your new role and bring a fresh perspective? Or are you new to the workforce and seeking ways to meaningfully contribute alongside your more experienced colleagues? If so, critical thinking — the

7 Unhelpful Habits Everyone Should Quit · 5 min

When it comes to self-improvement and that ever elusive sense of self-love, many rush to think of all the things they should start doing for a better, healthier routine—but rarely think about tendencies they can stop for their immediate wellbeing.

The Secret to Being More Charming (Without Being Obnoxious)

Fatherly · 4 min

Displaying authentic charm is easier than you think. Watching charm in action is like watching a good dancer. There’s style, control, and an effortless rhythm. That charming, likable person seemingly knows the right thing to say and do at the right moment.

My partner’s toxic family is ruining our wedding plans

The Guardian · 4 min

The dilemma My boyfriend proposed to me a couple years ago. I was delighted. Sadly, his family were less than impressed. Although I have a PhD, I’m American and his British family look down on me because I’m not British, and I didn’t attend Oxbridge.