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When Dads Do What Moms Do

The Cut · 6 min

When I was around 9 years old, my mom started a new job, at a women’s shelter, that required monthly overnight shifts. Up until then, she had worked part-time day shifts while we were at school.

Sabrina’s Parents Love Her. But the Meltdowns Are Too Much.

The New York Times · 18 min

The other children were heading home after school. But not Sabrina Benedict. A progression of mishaps had sent her into a tailspin. Earlier in gym class, a much smaller boy had sprinted toward her, scaring her. Then a teaching assistant had deviated slightly from their usual goodbye routine.

What Parents Did Before Baby Formula

The Atlantic · 5 min

The baby was just two weeks old, and hungry. Elizabeth Hanson tried to breastfeed, but didn’t have enough milk. With terror, she watched as her daughter lost weight, tiny bones protruding from her skin.

The Best Parenting Advice I’ve Ever Gotten

Ryan Holiday · 12 min

In his letters, Seneca writes about the habit of finding one thing each day that makes you smarter, wiser, better. One nugget. One quote. One little prescription. One little piece of advice. And that’s how most of Seneca’s letters close: Here’s a lesson, he says. Here’s one thing.

The U.S. Leaves Parents On Their Own for a Reason

The Atlantic · 6 min

On so many measures of family hardship, young children and their parents in the U.S. suffer more than their counterparts in other high-income nations. Babies are more likely to die and children are more likely to grow up in poverty. The U.S.

The Girlbosses of Fertility

The Cut · 14 min

This article was featured in One Great Story, New York’s reading recommendation newsletter. Sign up here to get it nightly. Right after Madison turned 40, she and her husband began in vitro fertilization. Each round cost the couple roughly $7,000.

Sure, Just Have the Baby

The New York Times · 5 min

There’s a lot I don’t remember about giving birth to my first child. But I do remember 24 hours of back labor followed by two hours of pushing to no avail.