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Your Post-‘LulaRich’ Syllabus

Amy Maoz

The four-part Amazon docuseries rolls up prosperity gospel, #girlboss culture, and supply chain issues into one irresistible, buttery-soft package. Craving more? We’ve got the required reading to take you further down the rabbit hole.

Mascots, Unmasked

Alex Dalenberg

An absurdly deep dive into the history, culture, and antics of sports mascots.

Making Sense of Afghanistan

Megan K. Stack

Veteran foreign correspondent Megan Stack curates a list of essential reads—classic combat reporting, evocative oral histories, and on-the-ground portraits from the past 25 years—that help put the chaotic end of America’s longest war in perspective.

How to Start Meditating

Amy Maoz

A gentle yet excuse-busting guide to starting a meditation practice that works for you. Even if that means squeezing in a mindfulness break in the car.

The Women Who Shaped Hip-Hop

Clover Hope

Clover Hope curates the essential essays, music videos, and profiles that inspired her enthralling new history of women in rap.