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Five important life skills to teach your kids

Indiatimes · 3 min

Have you ever questioned if your child is self-sufficient? Will your child be able to look after himself if you leave them alone for a long time? Do you believe your child possesses the required life skills to face the challenges that lie ahead?

What the Case Study Method Really Teaches

Harvard Business Review · 7 min

During my decade as dean of Harvard Business School, I spent hundreds of hours talking with our alumni. To enliven these conversations, I relied on a favorite question: “What was the most important thing you learned from your time in our MBA program?”

Why the Science of Teaching Is Often Ignored

The Chronicle of Higher Education · 20 min

A couple of years ago, five faculty members at Harvard University published an intriguing study. They had run an experiment in an introductory undergraduate physics course to figure out why active learning, a form of teaching that has had measurable success, often dies a slow death in the classroom.

The value of a college degree

Get Rich Slowly · 4 min

I'm a long-time vocal proponent of higher education. For me, it's personal. I was raised in a poor family with parents who had briefly attended college, but never with any real gusto. (I'm not sure my father had a plan. My mother studied home economics. Not kidding.)

We’re Having the Wrong Conversation About School

New York Magazine · 6 min

A teacher interacts with students virtually while sitting in an empty classroom during a period of Non-Traditional Instruction at Hazelwood Elementary School on January 11, 2022 in Louisville, Kentucky. Jefferson County Public Schools, along with many other school districts in the U.S.

When Professors Offend Students

The Chronicle of Higher Education · 19 min

Erica Cope admits it wasn’t a great lesson. In the fall of 2020, Cope, like faculty members across the country, was teaching virtually, from her kitchen table. None of her students — all freshmen at Buffalo State College — seemed particularly engaged in the introductory writing course.

I Just Discovered My Child Is Telling Me Lies About School

Slate · 6 min

Care and Feeding is Slate’s parenting advice column. In addition to our traditional advice, every Thursday we feature an assortment of teachers from across the country answering your education questions. Have a question for our teachers? Email askateacher@slate.