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Gmail is Dead and Something New is Replacing It!

Medium · 7 min

If I had sent this article as an email to a publisher who uses Gmail to read the draft, it would look plain, ugly, and as for its Graphical User Interface… Well, it is bound to make the receiver cry as he gapes at the screen.

Hidden iPhone Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier

WIRED · 5 min

Often, iPhone tips and tricks are about going above and beyond to do something worthy of a double-take. Triple tapping the back of your iPhone to make it take a screenshot or mute the volume, for instance—that’s neat. Not everyone needs their phone to do that type of thing though.

4 Helpful iPhone and Android Tricks You May Not Know About

The New York Times · 5 min

Keeping up with new software features can be a chore, but here are a few tools from recent updates that may be useful — and potentially lifesaving. This summer marks 15 years since Apple released the first iPhone, and since then, smartphones have become the Swiss Army knives of technology.

It’s Time For Software Engineering To Grow Up

Forbes · 5 min

Co-founder of Faros AI — a connected engineering operations platform. The recent market correction has been a long time coming. For over a decade, low interest rates and easy access to capital fueled a period of unprincipled growth in Silicon Valley.

7 Gboard settings that'll supercharge your Android typing

Computerworld · 6 min

If there's one place where saved seconds can seriously add up, it's in your smartphone's on-screen keyboard. This doesn't get nearly enough attention among average tech-totin' animals, but Android has an awesome advantage over that (cough, cough) other mobile platform when it comes to text input.