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The 15 best video games of 2021

The Guardian · 6 min

15 WildermythA genuinely inventive tactical role-playing adventure that uses procedural generation to allow for player-created stories, all taking place in a fantasy world constructed from luscious papercraft set-pieces – like a digital board game.

The 22 most anticipated PC games of 2022

PC Gamer · 12 min

A raft of delayed games originally announced for 2021 has helped make 2022 look unusually stacked when it comes to exciting PC releases. Even without those extra bonus releases, it was always going to be a significant year.

The Video Games That Got Us Through 2021

The New York Times · 9 min

These are not the year’s best video games, and some of them aren’t even that new. But they are the ones that helped us through yet another unexpected year. The year in video games was good, bad and everything in between.

The 12 most anticipated new board games of 2022

Polygon · 12 min

Events have conspired to teach us all about the fragility of global supply chains over the last year, and board games in particular have been hit extremely hard. Shipping delays and container shortages mean that some of last year’s best new board games have yet to even land on Western shores.

10 great games for your new gaming PC

The Verge · 8 min

If you buy something from a Verge link, Vox Media may earn a commission. See our ethics statement. Getting a new gaming PC is a bit like opening Pandora’s Box when it comes to deciding what to play.

These Are the 10 Best Video Games We Played in 2021

Bloomberg · 5 min

It’s time to talk about the top games of 2021, but first... It’s a miracle when any video game is finished. But during the age of Covid? Every developer who successfully shipped a game this year deserves at least a couple of statues. Especially when they turned out to be great.

18 classic PC games you still can't get digitally

PC Gamer · 11 min

One of the great strengths of PC gaming is a back catalogue that spans decades. Companies like Nintendo emulate older games on their modern consoles, but that can't compare to the thousands and thousands of games you can track down from the history of the PC.

These Four Video Games Are Fun for the Whole Family

The New York Times · 7 min

Facing time indoors again for the winter, and with the possibility of more time together with loved ones this year, our team was thinking about what we’d recommend for people looking for video games to enjoy with their kids, cousins, nieces, nephews, and grandkids of all ages.

The Fall and Rise of Real-Time Strategy Games

WIRED · 8 min

There was a time, not long ago, when real-time strategy (RTS) games ruled the world. StarCraft emerged out of the '90s as the world's most prestigious esport. The game's first sequel, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, sold over 3 million copies in its first month on the market.

The Best Indie Games You May Have Missed in 2021

WIRED · 7 min

Sometimes it’s all about the journey. Over the past decade, indie developers introduced us to the voices (and hamsters) living inside their heads. In 2021, they demonstrated how complete bodies of work can hit new highs in innovation when everything clicks.