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Celebrate Trans Joy With Jazz Jennings, Munroe Bergdorf, and More

Discover all matters of wonder, delight, and comfort—from a wig-reviewing baby to the OpenAI sandbox to rollercoaster YouTube.

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On March 31, International Trans Day of Visibility, we’re delighted to spotlight creators, artists, and activists generous enough to share their joy with the world. It’s an honor to be trusted to help spread that joy; one we take seriously here at Pocket. Not just on the 31st, but every day of the year. Because, as Gillian Branstetter of the ACLU so exquisitely puts it: “The suffering of transgender people is a policy choice disguised as an inevitability. This is why our joy—your joy—is so indispensable as a fuel for action.”

What better reason to celebrate queer art, indulgent scents, country bread recipes, and more?

Especially as this year brings a crush of draconian anti-trans legislation that turns that idea of visibility—simply, the state of being able to see or be seen—into a threat. It’s imperative that cisgender allies and accomplices use their voice, privilege, and [resources] to fight for the freedom and equity our fellow citizens deserve.

We invite you to view the world—well, the internet, really, but what’s the difference—through the lens of Jazz Jennings. Zeke Smith. Munroe Bergdorf. Andrea Breanna. Freddy McConnell. Ina Fried. Skyler Jay. Sean Saifa Wall. They’re scholars, pioneers, CEOs, and international fashion icons. You’ve seen them on hit TV shows and documentaries, in magazines and book stores, and even as the Grand Marshal of the New York City Pride Parade. Here, you get to see them performing the inherently resistant act of being joyful, of sharing joy. Enjoy your introductions to—or reminders of!—the pleasures of an especially emotional episode of Bluey, compassionate DIY skills, or a cricket podcast that Freddy McConnell describes as “a show about loving something inexplicable and loving it inexplicably.”

My Joy List: Ina Fried

Ina Fried
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Journalist Ina Fried has brought a surge of much needed joy to the internet with her #letters4transkids campaign. Here, she shares the sites that bring joy into her own online life.