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How to Build a Healthier News Diet

Amanda Ripley

It’s overwhelming to stay on top of the news, but it doesn’t have to be. Amanda Ripley, host of Slate’s How To! podcast, has some advice for how to stay informed without getting burnt out.

The Legacy of Latasha Harlins

Joel Anderson
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A year before the L.A. riots, a 15-year-old Black high schooler was shot and killed in a local store. Here, Slow Burn host Joel Anderson explains how her untimely death impacted her community and the uprising to come

Behind the World’s First Viral Video

Joel Anderson
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In 1991, George Holliday grabbed his new camcorder and filmed the police beating Rodney King in South Los Angeles. Here, Joel Anderson of Slate’s Slow Burn helps illuminate the video's origins and the firestorm it set off.