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Each December, Pocket celebrates the very best of the web—the stories and articles that readers loved most over the past 12 months. This year’s Best of 2021 collections are eclectic lists, spanning dozens of articles and more than 40 publishers, highlighting the depth and breadth of what Pocket users saved and enjoyed the most: engrossing long reads that help us see the world from other perspectives (including a crow’s), explainers that demystify our increasingly complex world (what is a blockchain exactly?), and great advice for better living (like how to get more restful sleep if you found 2021 exhausting).

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Enlightening Explainers


Why that “expired” food probably isn’t, how English spelling got so weird, and understanding the pandemic stock market boom.

Top Technology Stories

Pocket Editors

Facebook’s misinformation addiction, the pain of personal computing, and the internet we lost.

Mood of the Year: Languishing

Adam Grant

If you felt a chronic sense of ‘blah’ in 2021, you weren’t alone. Here’s a guide to recharging your emotional batteries and getting back on the road to thriving.

What We Learned in 2021


The articles that taught the Pocket team something new this year, from the surprisingly fascinating history of peanut butter to the spooky power of artificial intelligence.