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How to Start a Hobby if You Don’t Know Where to Begin

Painting, crosswording, hiking, birding: Our reading list breaks down why it’s worth the effort to discover what brings you joy.

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Image by Luciano Lozano/Getty Images

A Field Guide for Fledgling Birders

Audrey NguyenClare Marie Schneider

Birding doesn’t require a pair of binoculars and a trip to a nature preserve. If you’ve ever paused to appreciate a bird, you’re already well on your way. Here’s how to get into birding.

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How to Plan a Day Hike

Blair Braverman
Outside Magazine

If you're just getting started on the trails, don't be overwhelmed. This 101 guide breaks down where to go, what to wear, and everything you need to know to stay safe and have fun out there.

Do You Even Need a Hobby?

Corrie Evanoff
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An essential reading list for breaking down the merits of introducing structured leisure into your life. Plus, how to find a pastime if you’re lacking inspiration.