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Journey into the fascinating and bizarre world of our feathered friends, from the mystery of avian irruptions to the multi-million dollar industry spurred by bird poop.

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Hunting with flatulence. Bathing in crushed ants. Raising chicks as a septuagenarian. With about 10,000 species in the bird kingdom, there’s so much more happening behind the scenes—it’s no wonder so many people find themselves tempted to pick up birding as a hobby.

Take a pause from your regularly scheduled programming to indulge your inner bird nerd, and dive into some of the captivating stories, sights, and sounds of the world’s most ubiquitous non-human vertebrates.

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What's In a Bird Name?

Ariana Remmel

More than 100 North American birds carry the names of people, some of whom were enslavers, supremacists, or grave robbers. A growing movement aims to do away with honorifics all together and bestow monikers that reflect each species' unique qualities.