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Dive into the brilliant advice, timeless long reads, and startling predictions that the Pocket community has been saving—and coming back to—for the past decade.

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There’s no shortage of ways to find stories online. But as we look back on Pocket’s 10th anniversary, we’re proud to see that we’ve managed to connect millions of people with millions more stories worthy of their time and attention. It all makes for an “unusually pleasant way to consume the internet,” as Vanity Fair wrote earlier this month. And please note, VF didn’t just compliment us, they also celebrate our readers (that's you!) being so “un-gameable compared to their counterparts on Facebook or Twitter.”

That’s because the save has always been a different way of measuring our online habits. What we save is a record of our interests, aspirations, questions, and even obsessions. And in aggregate, what people save to Pocket provides a fascinating snapshot of what has captured our collective attention over the years. Here, browse how that breaks down into the top stories, best advice, and long reads that somehow get better with age.

Pocket's Top Stories of the Past Decade


A time capsule of the stories that captured our collective attention this decade, including Michael Lewis’s revelatory profile of Barack Obama, Ed Yong’s pandemic predictions, and Anne Helen Petersen’s magnum opus on millennial burnout.

Collected Wisdom from 6.5 Billion Pocket Saves


Over the past 10 years, Pocket readers have hit save 6.5 billion times. Zoom in to those saves, and you’ll find some of the greatest life advice the internet has to offer—the pieces we all save, and return to, again and again.