How do you care for an avocado plant?

Avocados are like most tropical houseplants which prefer bright indirect light, so keep it in the brightest spot in your home. Watering is the biggest challenge. “Avocados are extremely sensitive to wet feet, so let the pot dry out between waterings,” says Spann. Stick your finger in the soil to check moisture levels; don’t water if it still feels damp and check again in a few days. Chances are, you’ll only need to give it a drink every few weeks in the summer and slightly more often in the winter when it’s drier indoors.

Will you get fruit from an avocado plant?

Sadly, probably not. For starters, it takes 7 to 10 years until they’re ready to produce fruit—and the chances you’ll be able to keep it alive that long are pretty slim, says Spann. But you can try! And you can always grow another avocado plant from the next seed you save.

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