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Nikki Will

Shared November 9, 2015

Sometimes (okay, most times) I think I just need to follow this advice instead of being paralyzed by indecision.

Just make a decision and move forward.

Alison Overholt

Shared January 28, 2018

Useful. Especially the bit about just setting a timer for making a hard decision.

Егор Кортелёв

Shared December 9, 2015

Очевидные, но полезные идеи о принятии решений. Иногда стоит пользоваться.

Santi Núñez

Shared November 10, 2015

thought you'd enjoy this read

Addie K. Martin

Shared January 29, 2017

Good stuff :)

Andre Buser

Shared November 4, 2015

We spend an inordinate amount of time, and a tremendous amount of energy, making choices between equally attractive options in everyday situations. The problem is, that while they may be equally attractive, they are also differently attractive, with tradeoffs that require compromise. Even when deciding between kale salad (healthy and light), salmon (a heavier protein), and ravioli (tasty, but high carbs).

Simon Iven

Shared January 20, 2016

Maak de beslissing! Ga ik zeker proberen.

Ayman Safi

Shared December 10, 2015

Faster way to make decisions, for daily stuff


Shared March 13, 2017


Rohit Ghosh

Shared November 29, 2015

Going to definitely try this finals week

Arnaud Jaoul

Shared November 15, 2015

Interesting ideas about how to limit decision making

Perry Whale

Shared September 23, 2018

Make habits, Set condition, Set Timer.
the best antidote of feeling overwhelmed is forward momentum.
make a decision and move forward

Natacha Martins

Shared June 22, 2018

Definitely trying number 1

Ken Pattemore

Shared November 7, 2015


Cody G

Shared February 23, 2018

I ruminate all the time, I may try the timer idea.