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Anurag Sen

Shared January 21, 2017

great tips

Evan Turner

Shared January 22, 2017

I just finished twelve months of meditations. spending a cumulative 36 hours on mindfulness last year has been the single best decision of my 2016. Yes- better than my decision to travel. I strongly suggest giving it a try, even if you sweat you cannot focus, you'll benefit from it.

Andrew Palmer

Shared January 23, 2017

I've been thinking a lot lately about how tech interacts with our daily lives. I'm no technophobe either, after all I started a business that centers around digital news and I also spend 80-90% of my working days on a device.

I do though have a problem with some of the negative sides of tech and how it's beginning to affect our lives. I heard it said recently that this is nothing to panic about as most of the social platforms aren't even ten years old yet. Heck, we're still figuring all this out.

One of the problems with the way we use tech is that it severely affects our ability to be mindful. Seth Godin had a great blog post the other day where he made the case we're all becoming Pavlov's dog with regards to the platforms we're on. I think he's right, and this piece kind of pushed me over the edge into taking action.

I shut down many of my notifications recently on my phone, but I went nuclear tonight. They're all shut down, and they're going to remain shut down. That includes email and Facebook Messenger. Heck, I uninstalled FB messenger even. My time is my time, my mind is my mind, my focus is my focus. If you really need something, call me, otherwise I'll find a time to check in on all the platforms I'm on, they're not going to find that time for me.

The next step is working more on reducing multi-tasking when I'm actually on devices. I'm going to have to think about how to approach that one, but I'll figure it out.

Tone Hoeft

Shared March 29, 2017

One second may not sound like a lot, but it can be the difference between making a rushed decision that leads to failure and reaching a thoughtful conclusion that leads to increased performance. It’s the difference between acting out of anger and applying due patience. It’s a one-second lead over your mind, your emotions, your world.

Luis Francisco Arce Peralta

Shared February 27, 2017

Why not to try it!!

Yolanda B Molina

Shared April 18, 2017

Got your attention? Check out the book I recommended you