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Zoom Brain: What You Need to Know and How to Manage

We’ve been substituting video calls for IRL connection. What’s it doing to our brains?

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Since early 2020, video calls have become the solution to everyone’s would-be canceled plans. From work meetings to happy hours, conferences to weddings, Kindergarten to grad school, everybody Zooms in at some point.

After hours upon hours of approximating eye contact and “I think you’re on mute” snafus, scientists and academics began to warn that our brains might be suffering in new and distinct ways from the lack of face-to-face connection we’ve been experiencing. Read on for a fascinating reading list of how video conferencing has contributed to burnout, fatigue, fight-or-flight responses, and an odd breed of self-loathing—plus, how to counter the negative effects.

Zoom and Gloom

Robert O’Toole

Sitting in a videoconference is a uniformly crap experience. Instead of corroding our humanity, let’s design tools to enhance it.