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Your New Favorite Weeknight Recipe Is Meat-Free (and Easy, Too)

Whether you’re a vegetarian seeking fresh inspiration (sorry, salads) or just looking to cut back on meat without sacrificing flavor, these savory main dishes are all you need—no sides required.

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Image by SolStocka/Getty Images

Broccolini Cheesesteaks

Rooster Soup Co.
Bon Appétit

Try this Philly-style hoagie with roasted broccolini, a thick, tangy romesco sauce, and of course, lots of cheese—you won’t miss the meat.

The Best Marinated Tofu Musubi

Candice Walker
Proportional Plate

A vegan twist on the classic spam musubi, this tofu musubi will win over your heart. Make these over the weekend (without the seaweed since it will get soggy) and pack two a day for lunch or grab one as an afternoon snack.

Lemony Lentils and Rice With Caramelized Onions

Sarah Jampel
Bon Appétit

This recipe is inspired by mujadara, a simple combination of lentils, rice, and onions that exists in various forms across the Middle East. It’s comforting but not too rich, and it’s fresh and vegetarian without relying on many perishable ingredients.


Joanne Molinaro
The Korean Vegan

Tteokbokki is a popular Korean streetfood, made out of chewy rice cakes (naturally gluten free) and a fiery red sauce. “Rabokki” is what happens when you mix tteokbokki with ramen noodles.

Breakfast Naans

BBC Good Food

Taking just 10 minutes to make, these naan breads are topped with cream cheese, chutney, avocado and eggs for a tasty breakfast (or breakfast for dinner).

Pasta e Fagioli

Rian Handler

This hearty Italian staple of pasta and beans comes together in no time.