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Why Your Cat Is Weird

The reason ‘pspspsps’ causes mayhem, how to pet your feline overlord in precisely the right way, and why your biscuit-making companion also plays fetch.

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Ever wonder what makes your cat knead you incessantly or knock over anything in reach at 4 a.m.? Dive into the science behind some of your feline friend’s weirdest behavior, from why an empty box is irresistible to what makes catnip send them to the moon.

Image by Nils Jacobi/Getty Images

Why Cats Knock Your Stuff Over—and How to Stop Them

Patrick AllanA.A. Newton

Cats love to knock stuff over and push things off tables, which can lead to a lot of broken items. Are they mean-spirited goblins that hate your stuff? Sort of—but not exactly. Here’s the truth about this annoying behavior and how you can prevent it.

Why Do Cats Knead?

Julia HenningSusan Hazel
The Conversation

Kneading is typical kitten behaviour but may be retained into adulthood because it can help communicate messages.