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What Writers and Editors Read: September 2023

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Every month at Pocket, we ask our favorite writers and editors to share their good taste and discerning reading habits. They tell us the best pieces they read last month, and we share them with you. Think of it as a group chat with writers you love, swapping links to great stories.

August’s edition covered the last survivors of an isolated Amazon tribe, the strategic decisions made by the Kens in the Barbie movie, and a game-changing tactic for online dating, among other stories. In September, stories explore the social dynamics of augmented reality glasses, reconnecting with ex-friends, Martin Scorsese's latest film, and more.

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AR Glasses Spawn a Whole New Social Dynamic

Rina Diane Caballar

“What happens to social dynamics when only one person in the conversation is wearing AR glasses? When the other person doesn’t know if they’ve been filtered and turned into a pig-bunny? Social scientists did some experiments to see ‘how these technologies affect our ability to form and maintain social relationships.’” -Eliza Strickland

Martin Scorsese: “I Have To Find Out Who The Hell I Am.”

Zach Baron

Recommended by Devin Gordon: “Now 82, Martin Scorsese says that he can't stop working, and doubts he ever will. As his 45th film, Killers of the Harvest Moon, arrives in theaters, he tries to figure out why in this gentle, funny, achingly sad profile of a master artist in his twilight.”

Read Devin’s piece “Can You Name the (Great) Movie That Launched Brie Larson, LaKeith Stanfield, Rami Malek, and More?” which was recommended in our August writers’ round-up.

Diana Marcum, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Former Reporter for Los Angeles Times, Dies

James Rainey
Los Angeles Times

Recommended by the author: “This is a tribute to a colleague, a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter and best-selling author who we lost too young. I’m sure other writers would like to celebrate the sparkling life of Diana Marcum, gone too soon.”

Read James’s piece “The ‘Un-Becoming’: a Former L.A. Gang Member Finds His Resurrection Tale at UC Berkeley” which was recommended in our July writers’ round-up.