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What to Read If You’d Rather Be Watching ‘Yellowstone’

Whether you’re a diehard fan or just Yellowstone-curious, there’s something here about the smash-hit show for you.

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Once you hit play, the pull of Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone can’t be denied. Maybe you, too, are now grappling with the urge to go live that mountain ranch life. Or perhaps you’re not yet on the bandwagon and simply want to know if the western soap deserves the award-season buzz it’s getting (short answer: yes—keep reading). This collection of articles explores it all, from the real-life cowboys running Yellowstone and its offshoots, 1883 and 1923, to the urban transplants pushing in and still trying to make the land their own. Plus—why Yellowstone is less of a ‘red-state’ show than you think.

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This Land Is His Land

James Poniewozik
The New York Times

It’s simplistic to label Yellowstone a “red-state drama.” But the cowboy soap speaks the language of culture war with a perfect accent.