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What I’m Reading: The Future of Food

Clean eating. The new meat. See the best articles on food today recommended by Keith Law, guest curator.

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Senior baseball writer Keith Law dives into his passion beyond the ballpark: “The future of food sits at the intersection of several of my main interests outside my day job—food, sustainability, and science.”

Why We Fell for Clean Eating

Bee Wilson
The Guardian

Keith Law: “Clean eating is a fad diet founded on quackery, pseudoscience, and good marketing. So why are people still so desperate to believe in it?”

Bread Is Broken

Ferris Jabr
The New York Times Magazine

KL: “Industrial production has made wheat less nutritious and less flavorful. This profile of the director of Washington State University’s Bread Lab, argues for one way to fix it.”

Are Mushrooms the New Meat?

Nell Porter Brown
Harvard Magazine

KL: “Two members of the Harvard class of 2013 are growing high-quality mushrooms to serve a market looking for ingredients that can take the place of meat.”

The Future of Food

Multiple authors
The Nation

KL: “This series of essays looks at different aspects of the future of our global food supply, including climate change, a growing income gap, and failing regulatory standards.”

Keith Law

Keith Law has been a senior baseball writer since 2006, formerly at ESPN and now at The Athletic. His book, The Inside Game: Bad Calls, Strange Moves, and What Baseball Behavior Teaches Us About Ourselves, was published in April 2021. Find him on Twitter @keithlaw or on his blog, The dish.