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The Top-Saved Long Reads of 2023 (So Far)

The Texas mom who stopped a serial killer, what happens to the stuff we return, and more.

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Image by jossnatu/Getty Images

New Glut City [27 min]

Andrew Rice

From July 2023: The city’s mega-office landlords are panicking, pivoting, and shedding what’s worthless. One opens his books.

They Lost Their Kids to Fortnite [23 min]

Luc Rinaldi

From July 2023: A group of Canadian parents say their kids are so addicted to the video game Fortnite that they’ve stopped eating, sleeping and showering. Now these parents want to hold its tech-giant creator accountable.

The Vanishing Family [34 min]

Robert Kolker
The New York Times

From July 2023: They all have a 50-50 chance of inheriting a cruel genetic mutation — which means disappearing into dementia in middle age. This is the story of what it’s like to live with those odds.

Cat-astrophe [14 min]

Carrie Arnold
Noema Magazine

From June 2023: Outdoor cats are considered one of the worst invasive species by ecologists. And humans are bitterly torn over how to respond.

The Binge Purge [24 min]

Josef AdalianLane Brown

From June 2023: TV’s streaming model is broken. It’s also not going away. For Hollywood, figuring that out will be a horror show.

The Return of Ryan Gosling [25 min]

Zach Baron

From May 2023: The actor talks candidly about why he stepped away from Hollywood, why he’s thinking about movie-making differently now, and why he’s prioritizing the offscreen roles he plays in real life.

Searching for Meg White [14 min]

Melissa Giannini
ELLE Magazine

From June 2023: It’s been over a decade since we’ve heard from the elusive White Stripes drummer. Could renewed attention over a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nomination coax her back into the spotlight?

The Dave Matthews Guide to Living and Dying [26 min]

Alex Pappademas

From May 2023: The troubadour of mellow vibes has been one of the biggest acts in music for three decades. Now 56, Matthews has been singing about mortality for a long time, and he’s confronting its specter in new and surprising ways.

The Counteroffensive [29 min]

Jeffrey GoldbergAnne Applebaum
The Atlantic

From May 2023: The future of the democratic world will be determined by whether the Ukrainian military can break a stalemate with Russia and drive the country backwards—perhaps even out of Crimea for good.

Clarence Thomas and the Billionaire [16 min]

Joshua Kaplan

From April 2023: For over 20 years, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has been treated to luxury vacations by billionaire Republican donor Harlan Crow. The extent of Crow’s largesse has never been revealed. Until now.

How to Forgive Yourself [12 min]

Nathaniel Wade

From April 2023: Finding it hard to move past a hurtful mistake? With these steps toward repair and renewal, you can do and feel better.

I’m Never Fine [18 min]

Joseph Lezza

From April 2023: “As a proponent of transparency, especially one who stands in opposition to the demonization of feeling, I can’t—I won’t—use the word anymore.”

The Stupidity of AI [21 min]

James Bridle
The Guardian

From March 2023: Artificial intelligence in its current form is based on the wholesale appropriation of existing culture, and the notion that it is actually intelligent could be actively dangerous.

The Mercy Workers [35 min]

Maurice Chammah
The Marshall Project

From March 2023: For three decades, a little-known group of “mitigation specialists” has helped save death-penalty defendants by documenting their childhood traumas. A rare look inside one case.

Children of the Ice Age [20 min]

April Nowell

From February 2023: With the help of new archaeological approaches, our picture of young lives in the Palaeolithic is now marvellously vivid.

Joe Montana Was Here [54 min]

Wright Thompson

From February 2023: He won four Super Bowls and retired as the undisputed greatest. What came next was turning a legacy into a life.

When the Doctor Doesn’t Listen [19 min]

David Tuller

From February 2023: The medical establishment has a long history of ignoring patients with ‘unexplained’ symptoms. Long Covid might finally bring about a global attitude shift.

Extremely Hardcore [34 min]

Zoe SchifferCasey NewtonAlex Heath
The Verge

From January 2023: Twitter’s staff spent years trying to protect the social media site against impulsive billionaires who wanted to use the reach of its platform for their own ends, and then one made himself the CEO.