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The Serendipitous Science of Luck

What it means to be lucky, the role of good fortune in success, and the philosophy of chance.

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How to Get Luckier

Nate Hopper

A conversation with psychology professor Barbara Blatchley about luck—and how changes to your mindset might get you a little more of it.

The Unreality of Luck

Steven Hales

Optimists believe in good luck, pessimists in bad. But if it’s all a matter of perspective, does luck even exist?

The Strange Power of Unlucky Charms

Cari Romm
The Cut

Lucky charms can have real, measurable effects — past research has shown, for example, that people perform better at golf if they believe they’re using a lucky ball — but unlucky things have their own kind of power.

Fortune’s Wheel

Jackson Lears
Lapham's Quarterly

For many in Western history, games of chance represented a portal of possibility, not a heresy to be demonized or a statistical probability to be managed.