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The Juiciest, Most Gossipy Long Reads About—What Else?—Gossip

Exploring the origins of Page Six’s decades-long run, the forgotten gossip girl of the 1970s, and how the Hollywood strikes are fueling a new generation of hearsay.

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Disappointed by the lack of quality, low-stakes gossip in your life? You’re not alone. People are spending less time with friends—and hardly talking to strangers! How on earth are we supposed to get our (healthy!) dose of hot gossip?

The best solution? Call a friend or chat up the person waiting behind you in line so you can both practice this essential social skill. And in the meantime? Enjoy these positively delicious deep dives into some of the most gossipy corners of the web.

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Infamous [LISTEN]

Vanessa GrigoriadisGabriel Sherman
Campside Media / Sony Music Entertainment

Behind every infamous news story is a journalist trying to hold power to account. Join reporters Vanessa Grigoriadis and Gabriel Sherman as they take an in-depth look at the most explosive scandals of this century, from high-profile divorces to sex cults to the lies that started a war.