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How to Protect Your Finances—and Sanity—From Scammers

Want to stay one step ahead of online scammers? It helps to think like one.

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Everything about you is up for grabs online where criminals are waiting 24/7 to take whatever they can.

The best way to avoid getting “got” by cybercrime is to stay abreast of the latest, not-so-greatest but sadly hyper-effective tactics that criminals deploy to take your money, your identity, and with that any sense of security you may have had going online.

There is a solution! Our podcast team at “What the Hack with Adam Levin” put together a list of links, resources and places to go online where you can stay one step ahead of the bad guys and learn some easy and effective ways to keep yourself and your loved ones better protected.

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‎What the Hack with Adam Levin [LISTEN]

Adam Levin
Apple Podcasts

“With guests ranging from schoolteachers to award-winning journalists to former U.S. Senator Al Franken, What the Hack has created a safe zone to talk about online crime–what we like to call a “no shame zone.” Sometimes funny, sometimes tragic, but always a learning experience for us and our listeners alike, we think our weekly podcast is a must-listen (but of course we do).” - Adam Levin

Roy Wood, Jr. on the Ultimate Hack: Misinformation. [WATCH]

Adam Levin

AL: “Roy Wood, Jr. is one of the funniest people working in the entertainment industry today. We were lucky to have him on “What the Hack” and his comments about misinformation in the media were so astute that we made it into an animated short. You’ll never think about supermarket tabloids and the Loch Ness Monster the same way again.”

John DeMay Lost His Son to a Sextortion Scam [LISTEN]

Adam Levin
Apple Podcasts

AL: “One evening, seventeen-year-old Jordan DeMay was coaxed by an online scammer into sending nude pictures of himself. Hours later, he took his own life. Now his father, John DeMay, works to raise awareness of the risks of sextortion and romance scams. This important episode focuses on the life-and-death consequences of today’s cyber crimescape.”

Have I Been Pwned: Check If Your Email Has Been Compromised in a Data Breach

Have I Been Pwned

AL: “With the latest news on data breaches, leaks and compromises, haveibeenpwned.com is an indispensable tool in the war against cyber insecurity. Searchable by email address, phone number and password, HaveIBeenPwned is a quick way to determine how much of your information is in criminal hands, and what needs to change to make yourself more secure.”

The Brett Johnson Show [LISTEN]

Brett Johnson

AL: "Want to avoid getting scammed? Who better to ask than a reformed scammer? Brett Johnson, who was once on the FBI’s Most Wanted list and now calls himself the first “Chief Criminal Officer” has a great podcast on scams and cybercrime of all kinds. He’s funny, engaging, and deeply knowledgeable about cybersecurity."

Trust Me: Cults, Extreme Belief, and the Abuse of Power [LISTEN]

Trust Me

AL: “Cults may not be the first thing you think of when you hear the word scam, but they have a lot in common with the sort of hucksters we cover on “What the Hack.” Hosts Lola Blanc and Meagan Elizabeth guide listeners on a weekly journey through the cults, and how to escape them.”

Believable: The Coco Berthmann Story [LISTEN]

Sara GanimEdward R. MurrowKaren Given
Dear Media

AL: “Ever heard of an affinity scam? I hadn’t until Sara Ganim and Karen Given joined us on “What the Hack’’ to discuss their podcast “Believable: The Coco Berthmann Story,” a complex and emotionally twisted tale about Coco Berthmann’s confabulations in an LDS community. Was she sex-trafficked? Did she have cancer? The lies and manipulation pile up in this binge-worthy pod.”

Adam K. Levin

Former Director of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs, Levin is the founder of CyberScout and co-founder of Credit.com. In addition to being the co-host of the multi-award-winning “Best Technology” podcast What the Hack, he is author of the critically acclaimed book, Swiped: How to Protect Yourself in a World Full of Scammers, Phishers, and Identity Thieves.