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The Science of the Multiverse—and Why We’re Obsessed With It

Do parallel universes actually exist? And why have stories about alternate realities conquered this one?

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From Doctor Strange and the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to Everything Everywhere All at Once, the multiverse concept suddenly feels like it’s... everywhere... all at once. But is there a method to the (multiverse of) madness? Read on to explore the actual scientific debates about multiple universes that are happening off-screen, and what it says about us that we’ve all become extremely casual quantum physics fans.


Splitting the Universe

Sean Carroll

Hugh Everett blew up quantum mechanics with his Many-Worlds theory in the 1950s. Physics is only just catching up.

Why the Many-Worlds Interpretation Has Many Problems

Philip Ball
Quanta Magazine

The idea that the universe splits into multiple realities with every measurement has become an increasingly popular proposed solution to the mysteries of quantum mechanics. But this “many-worlds interpretation” is incoherent, Philip Ball argues in this adapted excerpt from his book Beyond Weird.