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How to Cut Through the AI News Noise

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Trying to keep up with the latest in AI can feel like drinking from a fire hose: It overwhelms you with information and under-delivers on actionable knowledge and context.

That’s why Mozilla is launching a series of collections about artificial intelligence, each meant to serve up essential news and features on how AI can inspire, inform, protect, and guide us.

These curated collections are the product of a collaborative process between humans and machines, true to our guiding notion of a communal AI, an intelligence that looks not to replace human intelligence but rather augment it cooperatively. It’s the same initiative behind the creation of our AI Guide, projects like Llamafile and Solo, and upcoming programs we’re excited to share.

These collections will be updated several times a week with new stories, allowing you to choose and shift the lens you use when taking in new information. And if you want more, sign up for the Mozilla Innovation Studio newsletter, where we’ll share news about this project, opportunities for collaboration, and more.