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12 Low-Lift Ways to Stop Feeling Stuck

From simply reframing the way you divide up your day to improving the way you brush your teeth, get inspired by these habits that require minimal effort to maintain—and are worth starting anytime.

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Whether you’re lacking inspiration or rethinking loftier goals that don’t feel quite as achievable as they did on January 1st, it’s never too late to incorporate some easier life hacks and gentler goal setting into your year’s aspirations. Read on for 12 low-stakes, high-impact actions you can take to improve the quality of your life, starting now—in ways that feel less like doing homework and more like adding small wins to your day.

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Spice up Your Life with New Seasonings

Tony Naylor
The Guardian

Why stick to the same condiments when you can zhoosh dishes up with za’atar or add some yummy yaji? Some of Britain’s best chefs suggest these 22 sensational seasonings that aren’t salt or pepper.

Try Taking Things a Little Less Personally

Audrey NguyenDiana Opong

Being offended by something that someone did or said can be upsetting—but it doesn’t have to eat away at us. Mental health experts share simple ways to slow down and gain clarity when things get personal.