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It’s Time to Expand How We Discuss Egg Freezing

Mainstreaming the discussion around egg freezing seems like a win for everyone. But that normalization can cost patients a fuller, more nuanced picture of what they can expect.

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Just a few decades ago, discussions of fertility treatments and egg freezing were relegated to doctor’s offices and at home, in private. But as the topic has become a critical part of the cultural conversation—a major win for inclusivity—the public discussion has yet to leave room for the nuances of the process. And as its complexity gets flattened by podcast ads and celebrity sound bites, patients can easily find themselves feeling duped at the end of a grueling and expensive process.

In an attempt to broaden the way we discuss this important topic, Allure has spoken with dozens of women generous enough to share the experiences and frustrations of their egg freezing journey. And in this collection, I’ve brought together some of the pieces that explore these different paths through more honest anecdotes—as well as a few celebrity “testimonials” that don’t read like the typical stories.

All people—even those who are the target market for fertility treatments—deserve to expand their understanding of an incredible and life-changing technology. I hope you’ll enjoy diving into the complexity of these stories, which leave room for so many different aspects of the egg freezing process.

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“I Felt Misled”: Are Women Getting the Full Truth About Egg Freezing?

Paige Stables

“As someone who’s considered egg freezing as a serious option—I am in my 30s and not financially ready to be a parent — this was an eye-opening story for me. For many like myself, freezing one’s eggs has often been communicated as a simple process with a feasible cost and a borderline-certain outcome. Clearly, it is anything but.” - Sam Escobar

Egg Freezing for Transgender Men: What You Need to Know

Halle Tecco

More than half of transgender men (those who were assigned female at birth and identify as a male) say they want children one day. But those who are considering or have undergone hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or gender affirming surgery may wonder about their future ability to have biological children. In this article, we’ll review how egg freezing works, and if it’s possible for transgender men.

Jennifer Aniston Has Nothing to Hide

Danielle Pergament

SE: “Jennifer Aniston doesn’t owe anyone details on her fertility journey, but I, and so many Allure readers, appreciate how openly she speaks about it in this profile.”

Sam Escobar

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