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Make the Most of ChatGPT—but Beware the Downsides

Chatbots can be helpful for everyday tasks, but users need to be aware of concerns from data privacy to racial bias.

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One of the most difficult aspects of covering generative AI is the sheer amount of very public change that's transpired so far in 2023. Instead of feeding into the hype around ChatGPT, the AI Unlocked newsletter helps readers understand real ways chatbots can benefit their life.

This collection brings together multiple perspectives on AI for a holistic look at the nascent technology, from reporters investigating the big ethical issues surrounding chatbots to service writers searching for ways it might be helpful in an everyday context.

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AI Unlocked

Reece Rogers

“ChatGPT can be quite helpful, if you approach it with the right perspective. It’s crucial to take responses from AI with a skeptical mindset. In my five-day newsletter series, I try to approach the topic in a practical, level-headed way that acknowledges different issues with the technology.” -Reece Rogers

What OpenAI Really Wants

Steven Levy

RR: “Looking for a weekend, long-read? Steven spent months working on a rare, inside look into OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT. It’s over an hour long, but the audio version is worth listening to.”

Reece Rogers

Reece Rogers is WIRED's service writer, focused on explaining crucial topics and helping readers get the most out of their technology. Prior to WIRED, he covered streaming at Insider.