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How to Talk to People You Disagree With

Bridge the divide with thoughtful conversation techniques, next-level listening, and a dip into the science of changing minds.

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In polarized times, it’s tempting to retreat further into our echo chambers. Instead, consider how much we all have to gain by connecting with those who see things differently than we do. We’ve brought together some of the best advice on how to have a productive conversation with someone you disagree with, as well as proven tips for how to change someone’s mind, and the science behind how our brains process different methods of persuasion.

Whether you’re trying to see eye to eye with a colleague, repair a relationship, or attempt to untangle a loved one’s problematic beliefs, our guide will arm you with the techniques you need.

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How to Change a Mind

Eleanor Gordon-Smith

Missy spent more than five years getting her husband to leave a cult, but the breakthrough was simple.