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How to Stop Being Late

If you don’t have a late friend, you are the late friend. Here’s how to be on time.

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We all have a late friend—the one who’s always surprised that rush hour traffic delayed their journey, or who just manages to board their flight. Chronic lateness can strain personal relationships, increase stress at work, and be a constant source of anxiety for those who deal with it.

The good news is that it’s not intractable. Late people can learn how to be on time. However you view being chronically late—pet peeve, moral failing, biggest flaw, lovable quirk—these articles will help you understand why people are late and how they can improve.

Image by Tanja Ivanova/Getty Images.

Why I’m Always Late

Tim Urban
Wait But Why

Kimi Goffe: “This hilarious and insightful illustrated essay made me feel so seen. And also so fed up with myself as a ‘CLIP’ or ‘Chronically Late Insane Person’ as Tim calls it. He depicts the irrationality of chronic lateness so well—and understanding this aspect of it is key to starting to improve.”

Why Some People Are Always Late [WATCH]

Dan John
BBC Reel

Every friendship group has at least one person who is known as ‘the late one’. But why do some people struggle so much with punctuality? BBC Reel’s Dan John speaks to authors Grace Pacie and David Robson about the psychology of being late – and whether we can train our brains to be more punctual.

5 Tips to Help You Stop Being So Late (Or at Least Make You More Honest About It)

Clare Marie SchneiderJulia Furlan

KG: “Listen to this interview with a productivity consultant while you’re en route—and probably running late—to your next appointment. It’s part of NPR’s ‘Life Kit’ series, where they provide ‘tools to help you get it together,’ something us chronically late people definitely need.”