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How to Lighten the Lunch-Packing Mental Load

Make-ahead ideas that don’t require hours of prep, a trick for preventing soggy sandwiches, and an argument for school lunch.

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School is back in session—are you already sweating at the prospect of coming up with a healthy lunch for your kid that they’ll actually eat... daily? First, take a beat and consider the option of retiring from lunch-packing duties—even for a few days a week. After that, challenge yourself to get your child more involved in their own meal prep, brush up on kid-friendly foods that don’t need an icepack, and arm yourself with easy hacks to keep those sandwiches dry, bananas bright yellow, and water bottles from sweating through the bag.

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Why I Retired From Packing Lunch

Virginia Sole-Smith
Burnt Toast

Kids don’t need squash cut into star shapes in their $60 stainless steel (not dishwasher safe!) lunchbox to know they are loved. They can eat off cafeteria trays and still get into a good college, or at least not grow up to be serial killers. #TeamSchoolLunch forever.