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How to Heal From Heartbreak

What to read, watch, and do as you move through the emotional and physical pain of heartbreak.

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Breakups are one of life’s most destabilizing, unmooring—and common—events. We’ve all been there and yet, when your heart is breaking, you can feel completely alone.

Amidst that loneliness, you’re navigating the loss of a partner, an imagined future, and a version of yourself that can feel further away each day. But we promise—you will find your way back to yourself. To help you get there, we’ve rounded up the best advice, from both professionals and people going through it, just like you. Plus, the best break-up anthems to blast, the anti-love poems that speak to your soul, and the movies and books that have helped countless romantics cope.

It may feel endlessly hard right now, but it won’t feel this way forever. From our corner of the web to yours, sending hugs and comfort and all the stories below.

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15 Books to Read After a Breakup

Kathleen Keenan
Book Riot

Here’s an eclectic list of books to read after a breakup, featuring a mix of novels and non-fiction. First comes sadness, then distraction, then putting your life back together — and there’s even some romance for when you’re ready to think about happy endings again.

Welcome to the Breakup Survival Guide

Emily Theis

This site is a repository of things to do, watch, read, listen to, and think during times of heartache. Here you’ll explore more than 400 suggestions from real human beings who have been through the pain you’re feeling now.

BONUS LISTEN: This episode of the Death, Sex & Money podcast inspired Emily to create the Breakup Survival Guide.