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‘There’s No Single Story:’ Exploring API Culture Through Storytelling

Celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month with a guided tour through some of the internet’s best writing by and about the community.

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Each May, Mozillians from across the world get together virtually to celebrate Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. The focus of this year's programming is the art of storytelling.

Of course, no single story can define the experience of a whole—especially people with roots from a continent spanning dozens of ethnic groups with different histories, cultures and languages. But Moz-API, made up of Mozillians with Asian and Pacific Islander heritage, see these differences as a strength. We gathered these stories to show just that.

To those outside the community, we hope that these stories bring a deeper understanding of our diverse group. To those within, we hope that you find belonging within our experiences, both individual and shared. We also hope that they inspire you to tell your own story.

Image by irabell / Getty Images