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Essential Reading: Understanding the UN’s ‘Code Red’ Climate Report

What to read to make sense of the United Nations’ grim new report on accelerating climate change, including how your region will be affected by global warming and how to cope with climate anxiety.

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We Read the 4000-Page IPCC Climate Report So You Don’t Have To

Amanda ShendrukTim McDonnellDavid YanofskyMichael J. Coren

The most important takeaways from the new Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report are easily summarized: Global warming is happening, it’s caused by human greenhouse gas emissions, and the impacts are very bad (in some cases, catastrophic).

The U.N. Climate Report‘s Five Futures—Decoded

Andrea Januta

The U.N. climate panel report on the physical science of climate change uses five possible scenarios for the future. The scenarios are the result of complex calculations that depend on how quickly humans curb greenhouse gas emissions.