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Delicious Reads About Your Favorite Candy

From the history of Pez to the science of gummies, and why red Starburst reign supreme—help yourself to some of the most fascinating stories about candy, sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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Image by Volanthevist/Getty Images

Samira Kawash Wants to De-Stigmatize Candy

Catherine Lamb

“I think we are beginning to understand that the problems with the modern diet are not so much about one particular bad food, but about a global food system that has made it easy and cheap to consume excess calories and over-processed nutrient-poor food. Candy is really not the problem.”

Actually, Candy Corn Is Great

Kate WillskyMadeleine DaviesTerrence Doyle

Much like the word “moist” and the music of Nickelback, candy corn is a thing that’s cool to hate.