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Can Striking Change Hollywood?

Actors have joined writers on the picket lines in a historic effort to reestablish the value of creatives.

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For the first time in 63 years, Hollywood is facing two union strikes at the same time. Both writers and actors are participating in the work stoppage, teeing up a historic labor fight that could potentially impact the entire entertainment industry. Read on to learn what workers want, how movies and television will be affected, and what to expect next.

Image by David McNew / Stringer / Getty Images

Hollywood’s High-Stakes Strike

Katie Kilkenny and Winston Cho
The Hollywood Reporter

As the 160,000-strong performer’s union joins the work stoppage, the sides are far apart on minimum rate increases, residual increases, AI protections and, increasingly, the big picture.

Peak TV Has Peaked

Jennifer Maas

From exhausted talent to massive losses, the writers strike magnifies an industry in freefall.