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Essential Local News Investigations You Might Have Missed This Year

Discover great reporting on topics ranging from digital redlining in the South to the “delivery deserts” of Wyoming.

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It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the scope of some of the biggest, most complex problems Americans are facing. And that overwhelm often leads to viewing these issues from a distance, taking you further and further from the humans at the center of each struggle.

That’s one of the many reasons local newsrooms across the country are more essential than ever. The journalists investigating these cases are not just uncovering scandals and abuses of power specific to their cities—they’re connecting the dots from silenced voices to national issues. And along the way, putting out meaningful and change-making stories that enable communities all over to learn from one other.

The American Journalism Project has had an incredible year supporting the newsrooms powering this work—including earning a nod from the Anthem Awards for our collaboration with Pocket. So as we come to the end of 2023, we’re eager to draw your attention to the stories you may very well have missed—not because you weren’t looking, but because a crowded media landscape makes them especially tough to find. Read on for deep dives into the topics and places that deserve your attention, from digital redlining in the South to the “delivery deserts” of Wyoming.

A Criminal Solution

Danielle OhlBrittany Hailer
Spotlight PA

Determining whether someone is mentally fit to stand trial in Pennsylvania often traps them in the very place making them worse — jail. This is the story of one woman’s fight to get out.

Delivery Desert

Katie Klingsporn

Health care deserts have long been a fact of life within Wyoming’s rural and vast borders. And yet, Fremont County’s recent dwindling resources are evidence of a national trend as more offices and delivery wards shut down.

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