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Want to Change the Status Quo? Let These Stories Inspire You

Across the country, nimble entrepreneurs and activists are turning out brilliant new twists on everything from neighborhood watch to graffiti to sewing circles. Here’s how they’re making it happen.

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The worlds of technology and business are constantly striving to disrupt and reinvent, often resulting in “upgrades” no one needs, or services built on the back of exploited workers. But across America, there’s a surge of creative overhauls, with citizens rethinking systems and norms that no longer serve their communities. That can look like the “Black Mr. Rogers” bringing peace and social-emotional learning to kids in Chicago—or non-profits tackling West Virginia’s unemployment crisis with a more holistic approach. And in Montana, it’s a graffiti artist taking on vandalism with... well, graffiti, but you’ll have to read more for the full story. When you zoom out, it’s easy to see how these local transformations build upon each other—and ultimately, hold the power to inspire others to look for the next opportunity to challenge the status quo in their own city.

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