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Sure, AI Can Make Art—but Is It Any Good?

Just because ChatGPT can write poems or podcasts doesn’t mean it should.

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Lately, most of the joy AI has brought the internet lies in its ability to inspire jokes. Whether comedians are asking why all the robots had to be screenwriters instead of cleaning the ocean, or why AI couldn’t streamline a family’s grocery budgeting instead of turning them into a cartoon astronaut. Of course, ChatGPT isn’t exactly in on the joke.

If you ask it why people are impressed with its capabilities, it credits its "natural language understanding, vast knowledge, adaptability, creative output, accessibility, and technological advancement." And to be fair, in the six months or so it's been around, ChatGPT has already begun to upend certain industries. But there are some areas where the tool cannot quite crack the code to creativity.

Image by Artystarty / Getty Images