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Maximum Flavor, Minimum Cleanup: 20 One-Pot (or Sheet Pan) Meals

From skillet casseroles to sheet pan pork chops, these recipes will fill you up (but keep your sink empty).

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If the thought of washing dozens of dirty dishes to make one meal is too much for your soul to handle, you’ve come to the right place. These recipes are designed to provide maximum flavor and satisfaction with minimal cleanup. There’s a vegetarian skillet lasagna that relies on no-cook noodles, a sheet pan salad niçoise with fish that feels restaurant-level fancy, and a one-pot shrimp-and-sausage jambalaya that can feed a crowd. Dig in!

Image by kabVisio / Getty Images.

Spicy Tofu Hotpot

Eating Well

Warm up a chilly evening with this light but satisfying one-pot meal. The tofu absorbs the flavors of this fragrant, spicy broth, making it anything but bland.