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15 Perfect Pie Recipes for Cozy Weather

Celebrate this season’s flavors—apples, cranberries, pecans and more—with these delicious pies special enough for your holiday table.

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Image by Natasha Breen/Getty Images

Cranberry-Lime Pie

Ann ReddingMatt Danzer
Bon Appétit

The spirit of a Key lime pie in the guise of a luscious cranberry curd. The contrast between the snappy press-in crust and the tart filling in this recipe is pure genius.

Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie

Kelly Fields

Bolstered with dark chocolate and bourbon and topped with vanilla ice cream, this pecan pie is more decadent than a brownie sundae.

Butternut Pumpkin Pie

Stella Parks
Serious Eats

Level up your pumpkin pie with made-from-scratch condensed milk and roasted butternut squash purée—a DIY alternative that delivers more flavor and less water than a traditional pumpkin.

Cider Cheesecake Pie

Erin Jeanne McDowell

Pie crust can make an excellent base for cheesecake custard. This custard is fall-ified with the addition of reduced apple cider and a garnish of thin apple slices.

Chocolate Cream Pie

Melissa Rubel Jacobson
Food & Wine

This dreamy, creamy dessert starts as a simple chocolate pudding. Adding a quick chocolate crust and vanilla-flavored whipped cream turns it into a silky pie.