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12 Gripping True-Crime Reads

For some of us, dark times call for dark reads. Image by Douglas Sacha/Getty Images

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Immerse yourself in this collection of riveting true-crime writing, including tales of audacious heists, mysterious deaths, and the reflections of a serial killer’s daughter.

A Splash of Red

Gabriel Cohen

When a mystery writer moves into a new apartment that seems too good to be true, he slowly unravels its grisly history.

Unholy Act

Pamela Colloff
Texas Monthly

Revisiting a decades-old cold case with only one suspect: the priest who heard the deceased’s final confession.

The Great Buenos Aires Bank Heist

Josh Dean

When an all-star crew with the perfect plan pulled off the caper of the century, it made them more than a fortune—it made them folk heroes.

When Cops Become Robbers

Jessica Lussenhop

Inside one of America’s most corrupt police squads, facing multiple counts of extortion, racketeering and fraud for their part in a “perfect storm” of officers gone rogue.

The Bicycle Thief

Steven Leckart
Chicago Magazine

Tom Justice was once a cyclist chasing Olympic gold. Then he began using his bike for a much different purpose: robbing banks.

The Disappeared

Hannah Dreier

Police on Long Island wrote off missing immigrant teens as runaways. One mother knew better and searched MS-13’s killing fields for answers.