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12 Gripping True-Crime Reads

For some of us, dark times call for dark reads.

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Immerse yourself in this collection of riveting true-crime writing, including tales of audacious heists, mysterious deaths, and the reflections of a serial killer’s daughter.

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A Splash of Red

Gabriel Cohen

When a mystery writer moves into a new apartment that seems too good to be true, he slowly unravels its grisly history.

Unholy Act

Pamela Colloff
Texas Monthly

Revisiting a decades-old cold case with only one suspect: the priest who heard the deceased’s final confession.

When Cops Become Robbers

Jessica Lussenhop

Inside one of America’s most corrupt police squads, facing multiple counts of extortion, racketeering and fraud for their part in a “perfect storm” of officers gone rogue.

The Disappeared

Hannah Dreier

Police on Long Island wrote off missing immigrant teens as runaways. One mother knew better and searched MS-13’s killing fields for answers.