February 22nd Edition: This Century Is Broken. Change Our Minds. A Completely Different Person.

Why city dwellers turn into liberals. Trump supporters see a successful president. Quartz examines why and how people change as they age.

February 21st Edition: The Post-Human World. Trump's Popularity. Reading for All Creatives.

Three articles explore the impact of robots, work, and future labor requirements. The Washington Post examines one person's rise to the center of power and another's departure.

February 20th Edition: Gmail Genius. Getting Rich vs. Staying Rich. Enemies of the American People.

Understanding John McCain's path from war hero, to maverick, to the Republican Party's leading Trump critic. Two articles examining how to accumulate wealth and how to stay wealthy. How one's breathing affects one's thinking.

February 19th Edition: Why Americans Fear Muslims. General Chaos. Robots Should Pay Taxes.

Two writers push back against Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook manifesto. Quartz explores another way that kids can learn math.

February 18th Edition: Anatomy of Charisma. Destroying Journalism. Dead Man Walking.

The artist and scientist who as the father of modern neuroscience sketched how the brain works. How joke hate is testing the boundaries of the internet. Is Mark Zuckerberg destroying journalism?

February 17th Edition: The limits of 'LOL JK.' Apps Every Entrepreneur Needs. Elon Musk is Boring.

Understanding and clarifying sell by dates on food labels. Securing the Trump family and the taxpayer expense. Exploring what Elon Musk is up to with the Boring company and tunnel technology.

February 16th Edition: The Age of Rudeness. Saved From Holocaust. How Europe Became Rich.

Visiting Macedonia's fake news factory. Assessing whether we are treating education as a factory like experience. The BBC examines if the costs of a subway ride and a slice of pizza are correlated.

February 15th Edition: The Nature of Love. Political Assassination. A Perfect Action Star.

Exploring nontenured faculty and exploitation in the liberal arts. Why Keanu Reeves succeeds as John Wick.

February 14th Edition: The Secret of a Happy Successful Marriage. How to Read Better. Commute-Friendly Apps.

Why Elon Musk thinks humans risk becoming irrelevant in the face of artificial intelligence. Productivity tips to be more efficient during the week and on reading comprehension.

February 13th Edition: Why Apple Ignores Pundits. The Volatile Mood of Voters. The Future of Media.

Understanding today's media outlets with articles on the New York Times, The Washington Post, and BuzzFeed. How artificial intelligence can improve the economy and reduce economic anxiety.

February 12th Edition: Learn Faster. Cost Disease. A Downward Demographic Spiral.

Articles on the purpose of depression and the best ways to relax. Why costs rise and an analysis on urban planning and the cost of infrastructure.

February 11th Edition: The American Weakling. Shopping Becomes a Political Act. What Facebook Knows.

Politics is now impacting shopping decisions and how productive people are at work. Sports Illustrated chronicles a possible basketball prodigy. Why AI is a threat to the middle class.

February 10th Edition: Find Your Life's Meaning. The Disease of More. A Secret of Many Urban 20-Somethings.

The Republican friendship in the White House and why Barrack Obama is smiling. Wealth in the United States through the prism of urban 20-somethings and race.

February 8th Edition: The Easiest Path. The Right Impression. California and President Trump.

A new hedge fund that runs completely on artificial intelligence. Millennials and their financial challenges. Why and how World War III might happen.

February 7th Edition: When Things Go Missing. Antidote to Procrastination. Sex Doesn't Sell Any More.

Why silence can boost productivity, and difficult-to-measure attitudes are more important than a company's strategy. President Trump's National Security Council and a political power broker on how to run an effective White House.

February 6th Edition: Read More Books. Trump's Enemies Within. California's Lost Viking Treasure Ship.

Productivity tips on how to maximize one's time and becoming better in one's profession. Donald Trump's enemies within the federal bureaucracy and Eric Trump's business trips. An Inc. writer analyzes Peter Thiel's Trump gamble.

February 5th Edition: High-pressure Parenting. China's Intelligent Weaponry. Foodies Know.

Why Boulder is the startup food capital. An investigation on the death of a Muslim Marine recruit. The evolution of Michael Irvin and the NFL.

February 4th Edition: Against Willpower. Fear the Technopoly. Surviving Abroad.

Why Loneliness is bad for us. The enduring attraction of building with LEGOs. Why Donald Trump might be more popular than what traditional polls measure.

February 3rd Edition: The Purpose of Sleep. Live Your Best Life. The Parachute Generation.

Faking your way through the Super Bowl. The leaks in the White House, and the geo-political division within the United States.

February 2nd Edition: The Secret to a Meaningful Life. Reduce Your Stress. A Misunderstood Genius.

The Poker AI that bested the best human poker players, and IBM's Watson helps with tax returns. How to deal with stress and the inevitability of death.