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Meet the Man Who Created the Most Radical Hero in Comics

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Comics fans, here’s the best boot animation you could ask for

British graphic designer Christian Tailor created this awesome animation of stylized Marvel and DC Comics heroes and villains, and now you can use it as the boot animation on your Android device.

The insane, sexist history and feminist triumphs of Captain Marvel

In 1980, Carol Danvers was part of perhaps the most irresponsible story Marvel Comics has ever put to paper. The plot involved kidnapping, inter-dimensional roofies, and rape, and it ended with Danvers riding off into the sunset with her rapist as her Avengers teammates wiped away tears of joy.

Finally, Science Explains Why No One Can Lift Thor’s Hammer

These are exciting days for physics, with several recent experimental observations providing important information on some of the most important mysteries of nature.

Suffering Sappho! The Tortured History of Female Superheroes

The box office failures of Catwoman (2004) and Elektra (2005) gave studios an excuse for not making superhero movies featuring anyone but white men.

Marvel Comics Introducing a Muslim Girl Superhero

With most superheroes, when you take away the colorful costume, mask and cape, what you find underneath is a white man. But not always.

How Censors Killed The Weird, Experimental, Progressive Golden Age Of Comics

Comics histories sometimes reduce the Golden Age to the Superman Age: an era of lily white, squeaky-clean, manly-man heroes punching bank robbers and selling World War II propaganda. But the raucous variety of early comics is much more complex.

How Marvel Unified Its Movie Universe (and Why That Won’t Be Easy for DC)

In the midst of the massive geek Mecca that is San Diego Comic-Con, the big Marvel Studios movie panel had all the theater of a presidential campaign rally. Tom Hiddleston appeared in costume as Loki, the bad guy from Thor, and rallied the crowd in character.

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