They Grew up Poor. What Do You Do? Uma Thurman is Angry.

This Is Why Uma Thurman Is Angry

The actress is finally ready to talk about Harvey Weinstein.


The Search for Jackie Wallace

In my experience, great journalism follows trails and doors left ajar, and the next big thing is usually just around the corner. My job is to be patient and pay attention.


They Grew up Poor. They Had to Learn the Rules of Being Rich

America is built on rags-to-riches tales. But how does ‘class-passing’ actually work – and how to navigate your new life and your old?


8 Questions to Ask Someone Other Than “What Do You Do?”

We’ve all been in the awkward situation of meeting someone new and having to build rapport quickly — at networking events, industry conferences, charity events, dinner parties, and other social-professional situations. If you’re like many people — especially most Americans — you break the awkward silence with a pretty standard question.


4 Things We Think We Need Today that Won’t Matter at All in the Long Run

If it entertains you now but will hurt or bore you someday, it’s a distraction. Don’t settle. Don’t exchange what you want most for what you kind of want at the moment.


Why You Cannot Quit Amazon Prime — Even If Maybe You Should

But what are we giving up when we can, and do, buy almost anything imaginable from a single online store? In the worst case, a Prime membership acts like blinders: It steers not only what we buy but also how we behave as consumers — and even which companies get to compete for our dollars.


From Stanford University President to Chairman of Alphabet/Google

In the current vernacular, this is a guy who has always had a side hustle. And while he took short sabbaticals, or sometime dialed back his Stanford job to a more part-time commitment, he never actually left Stanford, moving between teaching and administration, and becoming president in 2000.


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