Leave the Office On Time. Leaving the F.B.I. Amazon's Artificial Intelligence Flywheel.

Leave The Office On Time and Don’t Take Your Work Home

We all know that the only thing that counts is results. However, we collectively insist on looking at vanity factors like participation in meetings, hours spent at the office, and how fast people respond to emails.


20 Healthiest Foods on Earth

Some foods pack more nutritional punch than others, and these 20 offer the most health benefits pound for pound of all food on the planet.


The Big ICO Swindle

Many cryptocurrency speculators are banking on the theory that someone dumber than them will buy their tokens for more than they paid. That’s a pretty good bet … until it isn’t.


How Democracies Die, Explained

In most modern cases, “democracies erode slowly, in barely visible steps.” They rot from the inside, poisoned by leaders who “subvert the very process that brought them to power.”


Why I Am Leaving the F.B.I.

A small number of my current and retired colleagues have said that we should simply keep our heads down until the storm passes. I say this with the greatest respect: They are wrong. If those who know the agency best remain silent, it will be defined by those with partisan agendas.


Put Your Needs Before Your Kid's Wants

Parents today are stressed. They’ve lost old friends. They miss their old hobbies.


Inside Amazon's Artificial Intelligence Flywheel

How deep learning came to power Alexa, Amazon Web Services, and nearly every other division of the company.


What Amazon Does to Poor Cities

Jobs like the ones Amazon creates pay less and aren’t unionized, and require multiple members of a household to work, often more than one job.


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