Feelings are the Unstoppable Force. Google and Facebook are Watching. The Great Crime Decline.

The Great Crime Decline

Big events go by unseen while we sweat the smaller stuff; things happen underground while we watch the boulevard parades.


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How to Lose Your Love Handles

If you ask almost any fitness professional how to lose your love handles, they will tell you two things: No amount of abdominal crunches will make a difference if you don't first improve your diet and exercise regimen.


Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles' Post-Game Interview Is a Powerful Lesson in Leadership

Nowadays, too many people are focused on "becoming a leader." They play office politics in an attempt to win a management position. They hire PR firms or focus on marketing and "branding" to establish a name for themselves, so others will think they're important and hear what they have to say.


The Strange Order of Things by Antonio Damasio Review – Why Feelings Are the Unstoppable Force

What the body feels is every bit as significant as what the mind thinks, a neuroscientist argues. Turn to emotions to explain human consciousness and cultures


Test How Moral (Or Immoral) You Are with This Utilitarian Philosophy Quiz

Everyone likes to think of themselves as moral. Objectively evaluating morality is decidedly tricky, though, not least because there’s no clear consensus on what it actually means to be moral.


These Seven To-Do List Mistakes Could Be Derailing Your Productivity

When it comes to getting things done, sometimes the simple productivity methods are the best. Case in point: the to-do list.


Google and Facebook Are Watching Our Every Move Online. It's Time to Make Them Stop

76 percent of websites now contain hidden Google trackers, and 24 percent have hidden Facebook trackers, according to one study.


Data Is the New Lifeblood of Capitalism – Don't Hand Corporate America Control

Data has become the world’s most important resource. Now Silicon Valley giants want to keep government from standing in the way of profits


What It’s Like to Live in a Surveillance State

This digitized surveillance is a modern take on conventional controls reminiscent of the Cultural Revolution in the 1960s and ’70s. Some Uighurs report getting a knock on their door from security agents soon after receiving a call from overseas.


How WeChat Came to Rule China

The multipurpose messaging app is becoming the nation’s ID system.


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